May 30 - June 15


Play It Safe Ocean City 2018

Local Law Awareness

If you are under the age of 21, drinking alcohol is illegal anytime, anywhere in the state of Maryland. 

Maryland’s .02 Law makes it illegal for anyone to drive or attempt to drive a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol content of .02% or greater.

Consequences of failure to obey these laws can mean the loss of your driver’s license, paying a sizable fine, the cancellation of your automobile insurance and the end to your fun in Ocean City.

 Tips for staying safe include:
•Always say NO to alcohol use
•Remember a blood alcohol content of .02% can be reached after just one beer
•Refuse to ride in a car with a driver who has been drinking
•Drive defensively—- always be alert to those driving drunk

In addition to Maryland’s underage drinking laws, Ocean City has its own laws and ordinances including:

•Consuming alcohol in public by anyone is prohibited.
•Carrying an open container of alcohol is a violation.  This includes the beach areas, sidewalks and the Boardwalk.
•Using a false identification is a criminal offense that can result in a fine and/or loss of your driver’s license.  Plain clothes police officers enforce this law.
•Loud noise or music is a violation of the noise ordinance.
•Disorderly conduct, destruction of property and failure to obey a police officer are common charges that often result in Ocean City.
•Sleeping on the beach, in city parks and on the streets is prohibited and unsafe.
•Beaches are under the direction of the Beach Patrol.  Surfing areas are designated daily.
•Skateboarding is restricted to private property and the skateboard park  on 3rd Street.
•Parking meters are enforced 24 hours a day in parking lots.  No parking on red curbs.
•Bicyclists must use the far right lane which is designated as a bus/bike lane. Bicyclists must obey all traffic signals.  Bicycling on the Boardwalk is permitted between 5:00AM and 10:00AM only from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
•Tobacco use is prohibited in the underage night clubs.

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