Teens having great fun in Ocean City


May 30 - June 15


Play It Safe Ocean City 2018


We want you to have fun but stay safe while visiting Ocean City. Remember that your actions can result in serious consequences such as:

•     Date Rape
•     Chemical Dependency, Alcoholism
•     Pregnancy
•     Sexually Transmitted Infections
•     AIDS
•     Legal Problems
•     Jail
•     Injuries From Jaywalking
•     Falls from Balconies
•     Death

You are responsible for yourself and your choices.  Abstinence is the best protection against disease and pregnancy. Many teenage pregnancies are related to alcohol use. The consequences of having sex can mean sexually transmitted infections such as:

•Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
•Genital Warts
•Pubic Lice (Crabs)

If  you’re thinking about having sex please protect yourself by:

•Making decisions when you are alcohol and drug free.

•Use latex condoms to protect against disease and unwanted pregnancy.
•Limit the number of partners and knowing your partner. 

Body art, tattoos and piercings are permanent. Things you should consider when thinking about adding body art:
•Decide what is right fo you
•If you have doubts…wait!
•Make the decision without pressure from friends.
•Interview the artist to be sure he/she is knowledgeable and experienced, and licensed in your local jurisdiction, Worcester County.
•Are your questions answered willingly and thoroughly?

Body art involves puncturing or cutting the skin; therefore, there is always a chance for infection, disease transmission, scarring and nerve damage. 

See a health care professional if:

•There is a thick yellow or green drainage from the site.
•Heat or red streaks around the art.
•Pain increases or does not go away.
•Any unusual pain or swelling forms.

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